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Ship 2 Shore Cords is a distributor of 1000s' of Marine Receptacles for your boat, ship or yacht. Cooper, Hubbell, Leviton, T & B American receptacles are the industry standard and that is what ES&E carries. Whether you are looking for "Weatherproof Cover", or a "Dockside Receptacle", or a "Lift Cover Plate", Ship 2 Shore can get it delivered to you or your marine shop.


  1. S:\Pre-Production\Pre-production D - E - F\Electric Supply & Equipment-ShipToShore\!Marketing\marine-receptacle.pngHubbell Wiring Device - Kellems HBL61CM65 Receptacle, Marine, 20 A
     Marine Receptacle / Marine Receptacles - Hubbell, Cooper, Leviton, T&B American - Ship2Shore Cords
  2. Marinco 12VBRS2 2-Wire Connectpro Marine Receptacle
  3. Hubbell 63CM70 Receptacle 2P 3W 50A 125V
  4. Marinco 305CRRB Marine Electrical Receptacle (30-Amp, 125-Volt
  5. Marinco 4700CR Marine Electrical Receptacle (15-Amp Locking, 125-Volt, Female)
  6. Hubbell M4100R12 100 Amp Gray Nylon Dockside Receptacle
  7. Marinco Grade Lift Cover Plate for 50A Receptacle
  8. Marinco Waterproof Weatherproof Cover Single Receptacle 7420CR 125V 15A 20A 30A
  9. Hubbell M5100R9 100A 30Y 120/208V Dockside Receptacle
  10. Many other Marine Receptacles


So, if you want Ship-2-Shore electrical wiring devices that won’t let you down, contact us for your Marine Receptacles.

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