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Ship to Shore Cable Sets - Rockwell Automation, Hubbell, Panduit, Leviton, Crouse-Hinds & Appleton ElectricCable Sets for your boat, water craft, ship or yacht are available here at Ship2Shore Cords. As a distributor of cable sets manufactured by Rockwell Automation, Hubbell, Beckson, Leviton, Crouse-Hinds & Appleton Electric, Ship 2 Shore Cords & ESE can get industry standard cable sets delivered to you or your marine shop.


Cable Sets


What kind of cable sets does your project require? Fiber optic cable sets? Motion cable sets? Perhaps industrial control cable sets? You'll find the right cable sets for your project at Not sure which cable sets are right for you? Contact us or chat live to ask for more information or for help in making an informed selection.

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