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Marine Outlet - T&B, Crouse-Hinds, Appleton, Hubbell, Edwards A UTC - Ship2Shore Cords

Ship2Shore Cords is a marine outlet supplier of a variety of marine products for your boats, ships and nautical vessels. The products range from wire, cords & cables to conduit accessories to lighting products.


 Some of the manufacturers we carry include:


  1. Appleton Electric Co - (15 products)
  2. Edwards A UTC - (26 products)
  3. Hubbell Electrical Products - (37 products)
  4. T&B/American Electric - (12 products)
  5. Crouse-Hinds Electrical - (1,906 products)
  6. Pass & Seymour - (692 products)


Ship2ShoreCords carries the finest, most durable ship-to-shore cables in the industry.  We carry power cords and accessories such as Y-adapters, inlet boxes, ground fault devices, receptacles, marine telephone and cable TV inlets as well as an extensive line of marine battery chargers, isolation transformers and various marine electrical products.  Hubbell marine products are just some of Ship2Shore Cords' specialized electrical products for your boat or nautical vessel.


If you want corrosion-resistant products for you, contact Ship-2-Shore Cords marine outlet.

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