Marinco Marine Receptacles, Marinco Electrical Products – Ship 2 Shore CordsMarinco is the world's leading manufacturer of durable, world class electrical shore products and accessories. Their products are utilized in a number of global industries and they offer a thorough selection of product lines that will meet virtually any type of application and need, regardless of the port of call. The company specifically specializes in products for the marine industry, recreation vehicle industry, residential and commercial backup power solutions, healthcare and mobility solutions and the entertainment industry. They have more than 35 years of specialized experience and offer their products all around the world. - Turn to Ship 2 Shore for your Marinco products.

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Marinco has proven itself as a global industry leader and offers only high quality, top of the line products to its customers. The company holds ISO9001 certification and produces their products using efficient processes and guarantee precision in the manufacturing process in addition to cost efficiency in order to maximize customer value. Marinco products are reliable products that can be counted on at all times throughout the world. The high quality products provide customers with the power to be independent, regardless of location or weather conditions. The continuous innovation of the company's product lines results in exceptional products that are unmatched.

Marinco Electrical products cover a wide selection of product lines and are designed and engineered to be strong enough to meet the rigorous demands of the marine industry, a feature that is synonymous with high quality. In addition, Marinco Electrical Products are designed to withstand the harshest of environments so that they will endure whatever conditions nature puts in their path. The electrical products are engineered to meet very detailed and exact performance specifications, such as Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) standards and marine Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for that extra margin of safety and to attest to the quality.

Marinco Marine Receptacles are marine grade and as such, are able to stand up to extremely harsh conditions and the challenging marine environment. They will even withstand the punishing conditions and forces of the sea. Marinco Marine Receptacles are specifically manufactured using brass and are then coated using stainless steel. The company is very specific in their designs and refuses to sacrifice quality. They only employ this design because it reduces the susceptibility of the devices to salt induced corrosion. In addition, this type of construction for the receptacles ensures performance of the product regardless of location, which could be in safe harbor or at the sea.

So, if you want Marinco products that will not let you down, contact Ship 2 Shore for your marine electrical needs.

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